IOD API Posting

IOD provides its clients with an API that allows vendors to post a lead into our CRM. The base integration allows many standard lead fields to be passed directly into IOD to create a new lead for follow-up.

Posting Information

Method POST
Header Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Data Parameters

Required Field Name Description Data Type
YES Tollfree IOD will provide once campaign setup string
YES FirstName string
YES LastName string
No DOB string
No SSN string
YES Phone string
YES Email string
No Address string
No City string
No State string
No Zip string
No Q1 Type of Injury or Illness Diagnosed string
No Q2 Open string
No Q3 Open string
No Q4 Open string
No Q5 string
No Q6 Open string
No Q7 Open string
No Q8 Open string
No Q9 Open string
No Q10 Open string
No S1 Open for your tracking string
No S2 Open for your tracking string
No Note Description 4k character max string

Response Codes

Below are the different responses API can return and their respective details.

Name Description Note
Code Success 0: success
Code Failed -1: failed
Data Null Null
Msg Error Message API Key is not correct.
Msg Error Message Tollfree number not found.
Msg Error Message Email already exists.
Msg Error Message Phone already exists.
Msg Error Message Client ID already existed.