How Outsourcing Intake Can Save Mass Tort and Personal Injury Firms Time and Money

The cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing in-house administrative staff can fluctuate wildly depending on lead flows and the particulars of litigation. This can make budgeting and planning a challenge for almost any firm. But there’s a way to significantly reduce both the costs and the uncertainty of in-house staffing requirements, freeing up limited time and resources for litigation itself.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: How intake on Demand Helps Clients Skyrocket Conversions

Retainers on Demand works with firms of all shapes and sizes, including large-scale mass tort and personal injury firms and some of the biggest marketers of PNCs all across the country, Puerto Rico included. They work with us because we provide them with the best possible marketing ROI.

Five Ways to Increase Your Mass Tort Marketing ROI

Have you been wondering whether outsourcing your new client intake could reduce your overhead and increase your marketing ROI?