Five Ways to Increase Your Mass Tort Marketing ROI

Have you been wondering whether outsourcing your new client intake could reduce your overhead and increase your marketing ROI?

The answer, as demonstrated in a recent case study conducted by intake on Demand, is a resounding yes!

Our clients are seeing reductions in overhead as great as 60% and jumps of up to 40% in their lead contact and conversion rates. Read on to find out how!

How Does It Work?

A marketing campaign is a significant investment, so it’s essential that your firm be positioned to follow up on every lead that results from the campaign and convert as many leads as possible into signed intake.

The best way to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table is to crank up the percentage of leads you contact and convert. And the best way to do that is to outsource your intake.

Intake on Demand’s proven track record and industry-leading approach addresses the chief concerns our client firms raise about their marketing ROI:

  1. Cut Overhead Costs and Staffing Headaches: The flood of leads that an ad campaign produces is only as good as your ability to process them as they come in. A permanent, in-house intake team can be a significant cost and comes with the time drain of hiring, firing, and training. Outsourcing your intake can solve that problem.
  2. Crank Up Your Lead Contact Rate: When leads come in, it is essential to follow up on them as quickly as possible. An unanswered query will send your new leads     shopping for a firm that will respond to them quickly and professionally. Intake on Demand has increased our clients’ lead contact rates by more than 40%. That means fewer valuable clients slip through the cracks. It also means those new clients come away from the interaction knowing their concerns matter and that they’re dealing with a firm they can trust, which is key to a good working relationship.
  3. Crank Up Your Conversions: The #1 factor in marketing ROI is, of course, conversion! Clients with conversion rates below 10% have seen their conversions skyrocket by as much as 40% after outsourcing their intake to Intake on Demand.
  4. Cut Your CPA: CPA is a reflection of overhead costs combined with lead contact and     conversion rates. Clients who were spending as much as $45 in CPA have seen their CPA reduced to as little as $12 with Intake on Demand. That means lower overhead and higher marketing ROI all around!
  5. The Bilingual Boost: Permanent bilingual in-house intake staff can be a significant cost, but without bilingual intake agents, you’re missing out on a huge market sector. Intake on Demand’s bilingual intake specialists open up huge opportunities for our client firms. If you’re marketing to the Spanish-speaking community, you need bilingual intake support to help you access a broad network of new and loyal clients.

If you’re ready to find out how Intake on Demand can help you cut intake costs and boost your marketing ROI check out our customized quote feature today!

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