How Outsourcing Intake Can Save Mass Tort and Personal Injury Firms Time and Money

The cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing in-house administrative staff can fluctuate wildly depending on lead flows and the particulars of litigation. This can make budgeting and planning a challenge for almost any firm. But there’s a way to significantly reduce both the costs and the uncertainty of in-house staffing requirements, freeing up limited time and resources for litigation itself.

Savings Flow from Scalability and Flexibility

Planning for and managing staffing in an industry in which intake flows rise and fall with marketing campaigns can be difficult. Maintaining an administrative team large enough to handle periods of higher demand can lead to a significant waste of staff hours and financial resources during downtime between campaigns.

Hiring new or temporary agents to cope with increased demand in peak periods can create an entirely different set of headaches; inexperienced intake staff require additional training and supervision at times when a firm’s leadership is stretched thin with higher caseloads.

Outsourcing intake and case administration solves both of these problems by ensuring that firms have access to a large pool of experienced intake specialists with a broad knowledge base and skill set. This allows for more agile adaptation to workflow demands and results in pronounced savings in both time and financial resources.

Let Someone Else Worry About Technology and Compliance

Modern mass tort litigation requires customized case administration technology. Custom-built software is incredibly expensive to develop and maintain, and training staff on its use requires significant outlays in both time and staff hours. Outsourcing intake and case administration to an intake firm with these systems in place eliminates front-end development and ongoing training and maintenance costs, which allows firms to focus their energy on growing their business.

Technology is also the key to staying on the right side of compliance laws and targeting resources in the most cost-effective ways. Outsourcing case management to an expert provider lessens the risk of expensive compliance violations. Third-party firms can also help firms target their resources more effectively by providing access to experts in data analysis who can identify trends and patterns that can assist mass tort and personal injury firms in their negotiations and business planning.

Experience and Expertise

Intake and case management outsourcing gives firms access to staff with broad expertise in a variety of areas of litigation. Rather than hiring outside experts, firms can significantly reduce costs by tapping into the pool of resources a third-party intake firm brings without additional expenses. From data analytics to privacy to vetting leads, an expert third-party partner helps firms target their resources more effectively and rest assured that their case intake and administration is managed correctly. That means a higher percentage of viable cases and fewer errors and the attendant wasted resources.

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